Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cars on Cake

The 2nd cake was made on 1st Sept 2012  for celebrating birthdays of two little boys who are devotees from our prayer group. The plan was to make three or four fondant (sugar paste) cars on the cake, however I could not imagine ignoring the other kids (devotees) so I made 10 different colored cars for all of them. I was unsure how so many cars would look but I decided to stick to the plan.

This was an egg less chocolate and vanilla flavor cake layered with cream. The theme of the cake was divine as it was specially made for our saint P. P. Pappaji and devotee kids. All the kids' cars are following saints car like Kakaji, Papaji, Bapu & Dada and going to Akshardham temple. P. Pappaji's car was entirely white as white is his favorite color. I used edible glue and pen to stick and write the name on the cars. 

I worked 16 hours altogether to complete this cake as there were many colorful fondant cars to be made at home. All the efforts were completely worth the effort when I saw the kids excitement and delight about having a car with their name on it. Everyone expressed that the cake was too beautiful to be cut and eaten!
We celebrated the birthdays & cut the cake in front of Thakorji. And due to divine blessing everyone said that the taste was simply unforgettable.
Thanks to Shree Thakorji and Guruhari Kakaji for making it more tasty with your blessings.

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  1. Such a great detailing. I am totally inspired and would like to try soon.

    Love from Belfast