Monday, 29 October 2012

Princess Cake

3D Cakes are the trend these days and after a car cake I wanted to try my hand at a cake for a girl this time. The opportunity came when I had to make one for my best friend’s daughter’s birthday.

 She likes Princess Aurora, so I planned 15 days before hand and shopped all the required things. The number of invitees was large hence we had to plan to make an additional cake. The plan was to make a square cake at the bottom and princess cake on top of it. I baked 4 different cakes 2 days before the birthday celebration which was on Sunday evening, it's always good to have some lead time. All the cakes turned out perfectly moist and soft by grace. This time I felt that with experience my baking skills are improving and I am gaining confidence each time.

 On 21st Oct 2012 Sunday morning I started the crucial task of decoration, beginning with the square cake. It was looking perfect and weighed 2.5 Kg. But when I put the princess gown shape cake on the square cake, within few minutes I noticed the square cake was breaking by it's weight. Without wasting time I just quickly shifted the gown cake on the other board. It was then challenging for me to fix the square cake by keeping myself positive under stress as there were only 4 hours left for the birthday celebration. With the moral support of my husband and the divine power, I successfully finished the bottom part of the princess cake, which was the riskiest task. My husband drilled the whole in the doll to fix the skewers in it.

Then  I quickly trimmed her hair into good shape and put the fondant upper top on. When the complete princess came together, she was looking even more gorgeous and attractive. Finally, I finished the princess cake with little details using fondant, like her belt, flower necklace, flower ring, earrings, flower hairband and flowers on the ground. This princess cake weighed around 3kg. 

 I decorated the whole square top with many pink & white fondant flowers. It was looking a bit busy on the cake but I figure it was the best way to quick fix this. I wasn't completely satisfied with the shape but I knew that taste will compensate for everything. In the end, however the cake was looking better than expected and matched well with the hot pink colour of the princess’s dress.

The birthday girl was so surprised and asked me several times, “Shayoka Aunty did you make it?”It was such a memorable day and we were grateful to our Divine Master whose blessings have enabled me to create this 'Splendid Surprise'!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Father and son birthday

After looking at the success of making simple shaped cakes, I thought it was time to up the challenge and make a 3D shaped cake. 3D cakes look very realistic and more appealing, however they are tough to make even more so for eggless ones. But I was ready to give it a shot and decided to make a 3D CAR CAKE for my next order.

'7' in the front showing seventh birthday

I planned & started shopping a week before. It was the very first 3D cake, so I was a bit tense and anxious about the risk I have taken. I researched many web sites and watched You Tube demonstrations. Normally I start baking a couple of days before delivery but this time I started 3 days prior to the birthday as I was not sure. I baked my cake in car shape pan but it went totally wrong. The cake became dry, overcooked & little burnt from all the sides and was totally uncooked in the middle I threw away whole 3 KG car cake!!

I was upset and tense about the wastage and 1 day delay. On that night I was disturbed and was thinking whether to take another chance or say No to the order. I prayed to Gurudev Kakaji (Divine Master) and decided to start from scratch again. 

The next evening after tiring office hours I baked the simple square shape, 2 -3 cakes again and by blessings all turned perfectly moist and soft as I wanted. I made the 4 tyres of the cake which were simply kids’ favourite Oreo biscuits covered in black fondant. I was then happy and excited to decorate. Now another two challenging tasks ahead were to carve the car shape and covering the shape with the fondant icing. The day before early morning I started arranging the cakes and decide to carve the shape of Lightning McQueen car from ‘CARS’ animated movie.

By afternoon I carved the car shape and filled the 3 layers with cream. Then covered the cake with satin red colour fondant icing. I decorated the cake by carefully observing images of Lightning McQueen. The colours chosen were special favourites of the Birthday boy!

I baked around 16 mini cup cakes especially in red foil cups which were going well with the big red car cake. I decided to decorate with the cupcakes with colourful cars which support the big 3D cake as well as to make all party kids happy with his/her own car at the end.
It took around 10-12 hours to complete this car cake and cup cakes project. 

Everyone enjoyed the cake!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Turning Four

This cake was made for Aarush, who turned 4 on 16th Sept 2012. The celebration was planned in Sunday kids' (Bal Sabha) Meditation Group. Aarush's mum had planned to buy a cake for him from the shop and I took this opporunity to offer to bake a special and unique cake. This was my very first cake order ever.

I made a simple chocolate & strawberry flavor layered cake filled with blue cream which goes with the top color blue fondant icing. This blue icing made like a table clothe and 4 made like a road for cars. This time I chose small toy cars to decorate, as kids can keep it as a Birthday memory and play later.

This was a very simple, neat and attractive blue color fondant cake specially for the 4th Birthday. The cake was looking awesome with the candles on. As usual we celebrated Aarush's Birthday in front of Thakorji & Guruhari Kakaji with Bal-sabha kids and the taste was excellent by grace of Guruhari Kakaji. Guests at the party thought this was ordered from a cake shop and were asking the cake shop details but they were spellbound when they heard that it's a home made cake! Some found it hard to believe and asked me to show the cake making photos, fortunately I had them.

I felt fulfilled when I saw that Aarush and his parents were extremely happy with this celebration. Many thanks to Shristi Mishra-Prasad for inspiration and Guruhari Kakaji who filled the divine taste into the cake to make everyone happy :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cars on Cake

The 2nd cake was made on 1st Sept 2012  for celebrating birthdays of two little boys who are devotees from our prayer group. The plan was to make three or four fondant (sugar paste) cars on the cake, however I could not imagine ignoring the other kids (devotees) so I made 10 different colored cars for all of them. I was unsure how so many cars would look but I decided to stick to the plan.

This was an egg less chocolate and vanilla flavor cake layered with cream. The theme of the cake was divine as it was specially made for our saint P. P. Pappaji and devotee kids. All the kids' cars are following saints car like Kakaji, Papaji, Bapu & Dada and going to Akshardham temple. P. Pappaji's car was entirely white as white is his favorite color. I used edible glue and pen to stick and write the name on the cars. 

I worked 16 hours altogether to complete this cake as there were many colorful fondant cars to be made at home. All the efforts were completely worth the effort when I saw the kids excitement and delight about having a car with their name on it. Everyone expressed that the cake was too beautiful to be cut and eaten!
We celebrated the birthdays & cut the cake in front of Thakorji. And due to divine blessing everyone said that the taste was simply unforgettable.
Thanks to Shree Thakorji and Guruhari Kakaji for making it more tasty with your blessings.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lets get started on cakes..

I made many butter icing cakes in past for family and friends, but it was mainly limited to decoration. I thought it was a bit limiting and not much scope to use your imagination.  

The fondant cake opened a completely new avenue for me. I am grateful to my friend Shristi Misra-Prasad who gave a spark to my imagination and motivated me to jump into this amazing wonderland!
She shared lots of techniques as well as her expertise with me. I call her a CAKE MASTER. 
This website is quite amazing for egg less baking

The very first fondant cake I made on 30.08.2012 for my boss's baby shower celebration in the office. I selected white & pink for the baby girl on the way. Every one was delighted to see the cake on the table along with other delicacies. At the first look everyone assumed that the cake was ordered and all were totally surprised to hear that it was home made and even egg less! All were so appreciative while they came back for second helpings and they could still hardly believe that the cake was eggless! The cake was a huge hit and stole the lime light away!! My boss was very thankful and it was a feeling of satisfaction and achievement for me.

Any new venture cannot be started without meditating upon the divine power of my Guru and I seek His blessings to continue to find success in my creative ventures.

From then on there has been no looking back! More in posts to follow...