Friday, 19 October 2012

Turning Four

This cake was made for Aarush, who turned 4 on 16th Sept 2012. The celebration was planned in Sunday kids' (Bal Sabha) Meditation Group. Aarush's mum had planned to buy a cake for him from the shop and I took this opporunity to offer to bake a special and unique cake. This was my very first cake order ever.

I made a simple chocolate & strawberry flavor layered cake filled with blue cream which goes with the top color blue fondant icing. This blue icing made like a table clothe and 4 made like a road for cars. This time I chose small toy cars to decorate, as kids can keep it as a Birthday memory and play later.

This was a very simple, neat and attractive blue color fondant cake specially for the 4th Birthday. The cake was looking awesome with the candles on. As usual we celebrated Aarush's Birthday in front of Thakorji & Guruhari Kakaji with Bal-sabha kids and the taste was excellent by grace of Guruhari Kakaji. Guests at the party thought this was ordered from a cake shop and were asking the cake shop details but they were spellbound when they heard that it's a home made cake! Some found it hard to believe and asked me to show the cake making photos, fortunately I had them.

I felt fulfilled when I saw that Aarush and his parents were extremely happy with this celebration. Many thanks to Shristi Mishra-Prasad for inspiration and Guruhari Kakaji who filled the divine taste into the cake to make everyone happy :)

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  1. Hi Shayoka,

    Can u post a video on using a fondant right from scratch, it would certainly be a great help.

    Actually one of my friend's daughter will be three in November n d lil one is fond of MINNIE. So me n my friend are in search of creative n EGGLESS cake maker like u, but you have inspired me a lott n I would like to try one.

    So can you suggest n share yyour ideas n your way of using fondant for MINNIE

    A kind request from amateur cakemaker