Monday, 29 October 2012

Princess Cake

3D Cakes are the trend these days and after a car cake I wanted to try my hand at a cake for a girl this time. The opportunity came when I had to make one for my best friend’s daughter’s birthday.

 She likes Princess Aurora, so I planned 15 days before hand and shopped all the required things. The number of invitees was large hence we had to plan to make an additional cake. The plan was to make a square cake at the bottom and princess cake on top of it. I baked 4 different cakes 2 days before the birthday celebration which was on Sunday evening, it's always good to have some lead time. All the cakes turned out perfectly moist and soft by grace. This time I felt that with experience my baking skills are improving and I am gaining confidence each time.

 On 21st Oct 2012 Sunday morning I started the crucial task of decoration, beginning with the square cake. It was looking perfect and weighed 2.5 Kg. But when I put the princess gown shape cake on the square cake, within few minutes I noticed the square cake was breaking by it's weight. Without wasting time I just quickly shifted the gown cake on the other board. It was then challenging for me to fix the square cake by keeping myself positive under stress as there were only 4 hours left for the birthday celebration. With the moral support of my husband and the divine power, I successfully finished the bottom part of the princess cake, which was the riskiest task. My husband drilled the whole in the doll to fix the skewers in it.

Then  I quickly trimmed her hair into good shape and put the fondant upper top on. When the complete princess came together, she was looking even more gorgeous and attractive. Finally, I finished the princess cake with little details using fondant, like her belt, flower necklace, flower ring, earrings, flower hairband and flowers on the ground. This princess cake weighed around 3kg. 

 I decorated the whole square top with many pink & white fondant flowers. It was looking a bit busy on the cake but I figure it was the best way to quick fix this. I wasn't completely satisfied with the shape but I knew that taste will compensate for everything. In the end, however the cake was looking better than expected and matched well with the hot pink colour of the princess’s dress.

The birthday girl was so surprised and asked me several times, “Shayoka Aunty did you make it?”It was such a memorable day and we were grateful to our Divine Master whose blessings have enabled me to create this 'Splendid Surprise'!

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